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Application for Free Chapel College Free Chapel College is a biblically and experientially-based leadership training program. We exist to develop students between the ages of 18-26 to live a life of excellence as God has purposed us to make the greatest impact through the global church.


Personal Information


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Education Information

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Please send your SAT/ACT results to

Financial Information

Please provide your place of employment and the length of your employment.

Christian Experience

Please provide name of church, Senior Pastor and Church Address

Please provide name, email and phone number

Please provide name, email and phone number

Background Information

I, the undersigned, do hereby authorize First Advantage, on behalf of Free Chapel to procure a consumer report and examine any and all criminal records, warrants, and arrests on file. I will not hold Free Chapel, First Advantage or any of its members, directors, or anyone employed by said companies liable for any information found that may prove to be incorrect or that may have an adverse effect on my employment. I understand that the following information is for the purpose intended only.

If your records have been expunged pursuant to applicable law, you are not required to answer yes to the following questions. If you are unsure whether to answer yes, we strongly suggest that you answer yes and fully disclose all incidents to avoid any risk of disciplinary action or revocation of your offer of admission.


Worship Practicum:
Record a 30-60 second clip of you playing and/or singing one of the following:
- "Glorious Day" by Passion
- "Glory to Glory" by Bethel
- "Who You Say I Am" by Hillsong

Media Practicum:
Please submit 3-6 examples of some of your personally edited videos and/or graphics.

Pastoral Practicum:
Please record a 30-60 second video of yourself explaining why you would like to attend Free Chapel College.

*Max 5MB
Email to if larger

Please upload a clear digital headshot.


I understand that this application is for admission only for the program indicated. I agree that I am bound by the University’s and Free Chapel's regulations concerning application deadlines and admission requirements. I agree to the release of any transcripts and test scores to this institution, including any SAT, Achievement Test, and ACT score reports.

I certify that this information is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that knowingly making false or fraudulent statements within this application or residency statement will result in disciplinary action, denial of admission and/or invalidation of credit or degrees earned.

I understand that the application fee I submit with this application is a non-refundable fee.

Transcripts: All applicants should submit an official transcript indicating graduation from high school or successful completion of a GED or equivalent. Applicants who have earned college credit should submit transcripts from all colleges attended.

Please provide: Address, State, Zip Code

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